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Elderly Care Home in Fresno, California

We want to enhance our residents’ quality of life in a friendly, comfortable and safe setting. At our Residential Care Facility, we want our residents to receive the continuous personalized care they require while maintaining their independence by encouraging socialization among them.

caregiver and elderly couple doing a thumbs up

At the same time, we also want the respective families of our residents to have fewer worries as we will be the ones to look after their family members. We treat each resident as a member of our big family. In fact, residents consider us to be their second home.

caregiver and elderly couple doing a thumbs up

Attentive Senior Care, an Elderly Care Home in Fresno, California, is more than capable of giving residents the attention and care that they need. With our dependable care staff and personnel, our residents are able to experience better lives. Call us at 559-449-3566 for further details about our services.

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our mission statement

To create a comfortable, safe and happy environment for residents, and making sure that they receive the care services that they need.

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