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Sleeping Tips for the Elderly: What Can You Do?

No matter your age, the sleep requirements remain the same for every age bracket. However, quality sleep can be difficult for your aging loved one. We say that quality sleep has been attained when they are able to sleep for approximately 7-9 hours without any disturbance. Sleeping well is also one of the priority services … Continue reading

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Reasons Why Staying in Assisted Living Is Safer

Tending to the health and safety of an elderly parent or grandparent on your own, as a family caregiver, is not a task for the faint of heart. And at times, it can be both tiring and stressful. You’re probably familiar with the experience yourself. Just think about all the days where you would have … Continue reading

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Professional Care for Your Loved One

We all want to provide the best care to our elderly loved ones. However, with work, our own families, and other responsibilities it can be a nearly impossible task to devote the time needed to help our loved ones live the lives they deserve. However, Attentive Senior Care is an elderly care home in Fresno … Continue reading

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On a Fresher Perspective: 6 Steps to Become a Cool Granny

Three of the most attributable adjectives to senior citizens are wise, experienced, and reserved. Though these words sound grandeur and undeniably breathe an air of majesty, the same also appeals to be too uptight and boring. Why not change up things a bit? Hitting sixty-five and up is no reason for you to be bland … Continue reading

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