Is it About Time to Consider Assisted Living for your Senior Loved Ones?

Is it About Time to Consider Assisted Living for your Senior Loved Ones?

Deciding to move your senior loved one into a Residential Care Facility can be challenging. However, if they are showing signs of difficulties with their everyday activities such as bathing, dressing, cleaning, and grocery shopping, then the facility can be the right option to think about. If you want to be sure about your decision, the following signs might be enough to tell you it’s about time to consider the move:

  • Your Seniors Have Lost Interest in the World Around Them
    A lot of seniors isolate themselves from the world and feel like they no longer have a purpose to live. Depression can easily develop as they spend much of their time alone. However, they can prevent this from happening by being in a community where they can meet other seniors and many care professionals. Socialization is an essential aspect of Assisted Living in California aimed at helping seniors improve their well-being. Our facility offers them a constant source of friendships, social activities, and conversations necessary to maintain or improve their quality of life.
  • Their Homes are Looking Unkempt
    Some seniors may begin to skip simple tasks like doing the laundry and preparing their meals. In turn, there are either lots of spoiled food in the fridge or nothing in it at all. Their lack of energy or mobility may prevent them from maintaining the cleanliness of their home so you will notice things have gone awry when you visit them. In our facility, Personal Services and housekeeping services are available for seniors to ensure they can maintain their homes, as well as their looks and hygiene.
  • It is Becoming Unsafe for your Loved Ones to Stay at Home
    Seniors with mobility problems will find it difficult to perform even simple tasks like getting out of bed or going to the toilet. A lot of aging people get hospitalized after they fell at home and this is something you want to avoid especially if your seniors live alone at home. Elderly people who have an accident in an assisted living facility have an immediate help available to them any time of the day and night.
  • Transportation Has Become a Problem
    While a lot of seniors feel like they can still drive their car safely to go visit their doctors, this can present a danger to themselves and other people. If they do not have an access to transportation, this can lead to more isolation. Our Elderly Care Home in Fresno California provides them transportation so that they can go where they want to.

Attentive Senior Care allows seniors to get the care they need. We welcome family members to advocate for their loved ones while letting our compassionate staff help them improve their quality of life. We ensure our residents enjoy their independence, privacy, and security. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 559-449-3566.

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