What Can You Expect from a Residential Care Facility?

When you have an elderly loved one, you may want to consider assisted living in California. Attentive Senior Care offers exceptional personal services that are catered to meet the unique needs of your loved one, all at their convenience. Living at a residential care facility is a great way for your elderly loved ones to … Continue reading

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Why Medication Management Is Crucial for Senior Citizens

Many senior citizens have to take different kinds of medications to help maintain their health on a daily basis. They have pills to pop and capsules to swallow, their medications can come in all shapes and sizes. However, the problem with this is trying to remember what medications you need to take and when you … Continue reading

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The Rule Book When Taking Care of a Chronically Ill Person

Despite your willingness and commitment to secure the well-being of your loved one, there will really come a time that you will reach the boiling point. Wherein you will say awful words directly to your loved one or worse physically hurt them which are both a huge mistake that you must learn to avoid. Remember, … Continue reading

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Is It Time to Call an Elderly Care Home? Here Are 5 Signs That Say So

In sickness and in health, we all want to live in our own home. However, most people who reach their golden years should expect to need at least an extra pair of hands from an assisted living due to their tenuous health condition. Deciding to make a move towards getting a long-term or short-term care … Continue reading

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Why You Need to Exercise Regularly

Most of us can get by without exercising, but the consequences of this kind of lifestyle will only become more and more apparent the older we become. If we want to maintain our youth in our golden years, then we have to pay attention to our health. It is never too late to make better … Continue reading

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