7 Things You Need to Know About Introverted Senior Citizens

There are many instances when we find ourselves very curious about breaking down the walls of our beloved senior citizens. Sometimes, they are quiet. Sometimes, they are very straight-forward. Sometimes, they are the hardest people to talk to because, they are very taciturn and always thinking, wandering elsewhere.

It is fine, especially when they listen and do what they need to do. The important thing is that we respect their needs and their personal space. It is also important that we understand them – sometimes, even without the need for words.

As your provider of Elderly Care Home in Fresno California, let us help you seek practical ways to understand your introverted senior loved one. Here are 7 things you need to know:

  1. Staying quiet doesn’t mean they’re mad
    They just like being quiet. Especially being introverted, our senior citizens like to listen to you. They would like to hear your stories. Sometimes, they would even have their share of stories; experiences and lessons they have learned in life. Sometimes, they may even be distant. They may be having some thoughts to themselves – but, do not misunderstand that for being annoyed with you. Give them time. They will come around.
  2. They appreciate being quiet
    It does not mean that they do not appreciate you. They appreciate your presence. Maybe, they just need time to their own thoughts. Whatever their reason may be, your attention and affection mean a lot to them.
  3. They like substantial conversations
    They like people who make sense. Our senior citizens have been through a lot. Substantial conversations give them the sense of feeling young; learning new things, new stories, and experiences through you.
  4. They are a small-group type of people
    They love to create deep and meaningful relationships with people who grow wise and smart. Who would not love people who ponder on the deep things? Who would not love people who are not narrow-minded and shallow?
  5. They love observing
    That’s why they are much focused on people. They love to pay attention to detail. They are in touch with their emotions and thoughts. That is also how they see people – through their emotions and observation. They do not only look at what the eyes can see.
  6. They enjoy listening
    At times, when they do get to talking, they are very good conversationalists. Senior citizens love to exchange thoughts and ideas with people who share common interests because they pay attention well. They also love to learn new things through other people’s words and experiences.
  7. They are really simple people who like simple things
    Senior citizens who are introverts find peace in reading or working alone. They are independent. This is why they are usually the hard people to please or unveil. Give them their space and time.

People are not just grouped as kids, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. We are all uniquely different and rare in our own ways. The key is in the compassion to love and respect one another regardless of who we all are. At Attentive Senior Care, let us help you care and provide Personal Services for your senior loved one, no matter their temperament. Contact us if you have inquiries and we would be more than glad to assist you.

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