Sleeping Tips for the Elderly: What Can You Do?

Sleeping Tips for the Elderly: What Can You Do?

No matter your age, the sleep requirements remain the same for every age bracket. However, quality sleep can be difficult for your aging loved one. We say that quality sleep has been attained when they are able to sleep for approximately 7-9 hours without any disturbance.

Sleeping well is also one of the priority services in our Elderly Care Home in Fresno, California. We strive to provide an avenue where our elderly residents can find it more conducive to sleep better. If your senior loved one struggles with sleeping straight at night or having enough amount of sleep, here are some tips you can use:

  • Ensure that they are following their dietary recommendations.

    When your elderly loved one has insufficient nutrients in the body, they can have lack of sleep, which can further aggravate their present health conditions. Always monitor their healthy meals.

  • Allow your loved one to be active in the day but make sure that the activities are ideal for their age and health.

    With regular activities, their body can also get worked out resulting to a better quality of sleep at night.

  • Create a regular schedule of sleeping routine that they can follow.

    You can establish this routine in the first 14 days so their body can be oriented to the schedule. In our Residential Care Facility, we also see the effectiveness of following through a sleeping routine.

  • Stay hydrated in the morning.

    Your senior loved one may most likely need your assistance in ensuring that they can stay hydrated as their thirst sense is not as active when they were younger. As a result, they may not be easily aware that dehydration is already near.

  • Ensure that your loved one has taken their medication as scheduled.

    If not, they may experience the effects of non-adherence, which may disrupt their sleeping habits. Along with that, always ask their doctor if their new prescriptions will not have side effects on sleeping.

  • Avoid stressful situations.

    Stress can be another reason why people, especially seniors, can find it hard to sleep well. Encourage your loved one to practice relaxation techniques or to listen to calming music before bedtime. When they have a stress-free mind, they can sleep better.

  • Arrange their bedroom to be conducive for their sleep time.

    Make sure that lights are dim, bed linens are fresh, and the temperature is cool enough for them to feel sleepy. Additionally, reduce noisy triggers around them so there will be no disruptions as they sleep.

  • Consult with their physician regularly.

    Make sure that the sleeping problem is not a symptom of an underlying condition. If it is, the proper medication can be administered.

At Attentive Senior Care, we provide your loved one with sufficient provision for their Personal Services so their crucial care needs are addressed including quality sleep.

Does your senior loved one need 24-hour care? Our facility can be their second home. Set an appointment today.

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