Fundamentals to Practice for Healthy Aging

When we maintain a healthy lifestyle and practice good habits in all aspects of our lives, being in the best physical, emotional, and cognitive condition is possible even as we age. As a provider of trusted senior care in Fresno, California, we want to do our part in encouraging everyone to live and age healthily.

Here are the four fundamentals of healthy aging:

  • Eat healthily.
    A healthy diet is composed of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, and low-fat dairy. Practice limiting, if not avoiding, fatty meat, sugar, salt, and preserved food. Eating three consistent and nutritious meals every day is recommended.
  • Exercise regularly.
    Walking for at least 30 minutes every day can already have positive effects on your health. For seniors with mobility problems, our non-medical care can assist you with your physical activities.
  • Maintain meaningful relationships.
    Stay connected and communicate often with your family members, friends, and colleagues. Having meaningful conversations with loved ones helps prevent loneliness in older adults.
  • Quit smoking and limit alcohol intake.
    Smoking is one of the factors that increase the risk of heart disease and cancer. On the other hand, getting drunk might cause seniors to lose balance and fall, which can cause injury or disability.

Our elderly care in California focuses on giving seniors a comfortable and healthy life as they stay in our assisted living facility. Feel free to contact or visit us at Attentive Senior Care for more details about our services.

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