On a Fresher Perspective: 6 Steps to Become a Cool Granny

Three of the most attributable adjectives to senior citizens are wise, experienced, and reserved. Though these words sound grandeur and undeniably breathe an air of majesty, the same also appeals to be too uptight and boring. Why not change up things a bit?

Hitting sixty-five and up is no reason for you to be bland and monotonous. Just because you are retiring does not mean that you already have to give up on life. Stop all the whining and raise your chin up. Practically, another chapter is still about to start. So buckle up because you are in for an adventure of a lifetime!

  1. Learn more about the modern technology.
    Nowadays, not owning a smartphone is similar to living in the caves as a Neanderthal. Stop saying “I’m too old for this!” because you are not. Learning how to fidget on modern gadgets is actually very helpful. It makes life much easier and faster. You also get to connect with more people in the shortest amount of time possible!
  2. Know the younger generation even more.
    Maybe the reason why you initially despise the new generation is that you know too little about them. Though they tend to be rebellious and untamable, they are not all bad. They too are innovative, creative, and sentimental. Once you treat them with respect, they will return the same a hundred folds.
  3. Stop being a stereotype baby boomer.
    “Back on my days . . .” and a long narrative continues. Stop typecasting. For you, your generation might be the best but it does not automatically mean that the current one is totally rotten. Things are just different. We just all have to go on with the flow.
  4. Get fit!
    Why not formulate an exercise regimen and stick to it? A fit elderly is never out of style. Remember that!
  5. Update your wardrobe.
    You do not have to wear crop tops (for females) or tight skinny jeans (for males) if you do not really want to. The key here is being comfortable with the modern trends. You can always mix and match the fashion rules of each generation. Ask your younger companions to help you decide. After all, nobody is too old for fashion.
  6. More love and less hate.
    Acknowledge that the people today will never be like the people you grew up with. Instead of hating, spread love instead. Value the differences and learn from them. Life is better lived optimistically.

At Attentive Senior Care, we help our residents to be cool! Not only on the outside but also on the inside. As one of the top Elderly Care Home in Fresno, California, you can expect us to deliver services that are not less than impeccable. Due to our positive efforts and advances all over the years, Assisted Living in California has never been the same.

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