Medication Management Tips: What You Can Do on Behalf of Your Seniors

Medication Management Tips: What You Can Do on Behalf of Your Seniors

Old age is often associated with the development of a variety of illnesses. To keep these illnesses under control or treat their symptoms, aging individuals are often prescribed with certain medications. Along with these prescriptions are instructions as to when and in what dosages they should be taken.

However, old age also means that many senior patients tend to forget taking their medications. They will need someone or something to remind them about this important chore in their daily lives. If they consider assisted living in California, experienced caregivers or care personnel can be the one to remind your loved ones about this task.

If you are the one providing personal services to your aging parents, here are some medication management tips you can follow.

  1. Prepare a list of medications that your parents are taking.

    Whether they are living with you or living in a residential care facility, it is important to have a comprehensive list of the medications they are taking. Make sure that the list is up to date. They should also have a copy in their wallets or purses wherever they go.

    When preparing the list, make sure to include the following:

    • drug name
    • purpose
    • required dosage to take
    • intake schedule
    • manner of intake
    • side effects to watch out for
  2. Inform family members or healthcare providers about these medications.

    Other family members should know about the medications too. This way, they can provide the necessary assistance to your aging parents when you are not there. If your parents are living in an elderly care home in Fresno California, the staff should know about this information.

  3. Use pill boxes, baskets, envelopes or other ways to sort and organize medications.

    While pill boxes are the most commonly used items for sorting medications, there are many senior individuals who get intimidated by them. In this case, you can try out other ways. For instance, you can give your parents colored envelopes with their pills inside, organized according to schedules.

  4. Monitor changes in your loved ones.

    These changes may be due to the medications they are taking. If you are worried that their medicines are the reason, inform their doctor about the situation. The doctor will determine the underlying cause and address it.

  5. Use alarms for complying with intake schedules.

    Alarms are everywhere. You can use your cellphone or a bedside clock. An electronic device solely intended for reminding seniors of their medicines is also available.

At Attentive Senior Care, we understand that medications form a part of our residents’ daily routines. Our staff will make sure that they take proper medicines at the proper times.

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