Preparing for Your Senior Loved Ones’ Move to Elderly Care Homes

While most seniors prefer to age in place, certain circumstances make living alone in their own homes a safety risk. Many of them will have to consider assisted living in California for safety, good overall health, and improved quality of life.

Moving to an elderly care home in Fresno California may be an emotional decision that your senior loved ones and the entire family have to make. It is best to make the necessary preparations when your aging family members will move to one.

  1. Be sure to inform your loved ones about the move.Do not leave them in the dark. Transitioning from their home to a new residence can be tough and not telling them about it makes the situation worse.Explain to them why the move is necessary and what they will get out of it. If you find it hard to explain, you can ask a care professional to discuss the situation with your seniors instead.
  2. Check out the care home where they will be moving to.You must gather all the information that you can which will help lead to a smoother transition for the people involved. For instance, it is a must to take note of the regulations inside the residential care facility.Visit the place beforehand to see how they operate and how your loved ones can adjust to living in their new home. Make sure to plan out the move-in day according to the information you have gathered.
  3. Discuss with your aging loved ones and entire family what to do with the home and items the former will leave behind.Since the home is your aging loved ones’ property, it is just right to ask them what should be done with it and whatever is inside it. Sort out items that should be given away, thrown out, kept by certain family members, or moved to the new home.Certain items may bring back memories. It might even help if you and your loved ones reminisce about the memories behind the items you find while sorting things out.
  4. Discuss your loved ones’ conditions and preferences with the staff.The staff renders personal services to the residents. Keeping them informed about the conditions and preferences of your senior loved ones will help them in the delivery of appropriate support and assistance.Developing good communication and relationship with the staff will help you in monitoring your loved ones as well.
  5. Be there on the move-in day.Help your loved ones set up their new rooms, placing furniture or arranging décor in their rooms. Don’t forget to tell them that you will regularly visit them. Fulfill such promise, too.

Attentive Senior Care provides assisted living services to your aging loved ones, making sure that they receive the assistance they need in their daily living.

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