Professional Care for Your Loved One

We all want to provide the best care to our elderly loved ones. However, with work, our own families, and other responsibilities it can be a nearly impossible task to devote the time needed to help our loved ones live the lives they deserve. However, Attentive Senior Care is an elderly care home in Fresno California that provides the services you need. We provide exceptional services and a high level of care, to ensure your loved one is able to live a satisfying and independent life.

Here are a few of the services we can offer to your elderly loved one:

  • Personal Care:
    One of the main services that we can offer your loved one is personal care. Living on your own can be a challenge as a senior citizen. Tasks like showering can be dangerous, getting around the home can be exhausting, and many basic tasks can be time-consuming. This is where our personal care can help. We are able to provide respectful services to ensure your loved one can live a life free of stress.
  • A Comfortable Home:
    As a residential care facility your loved one can live with us. We have luxurious accommodations that will ensure your loved one is as comfortable as possible. Part of these accommodations is a list of services that will cater to the unique needs of your loved one and are available around the clock. These services include cleaning, doing the laundry, and handling many day-to-day chores.
  • Nutritional Meals:
    We provide nutritional, delicious, and balanced meals on a daily basis, to help maintain and improve the health of your loved one.
  • Medications:
    It is important to take your medications regularly and on time. However, as a senior citizen, it can be easy to forget these kinds of things. To ensure your loved one is taking their proper medications, we can remind them and supervise them.

Those are just a few of the many ways we can provide the care your loved one needs. Our services are personalized to the unique needs of your loved one, so you can rest easy knowing that they are in the best hands possible. Through assisted living in California, we are committed to improving the quality of life for your loved one.

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