Telltale Signs That Indicate a Need for Assisted Living

When an aging parent or loved one is living independently, you may feel concerned for his or her health and safety. Although many seniors are capable of meeting their daily needs, there will come a time when they require additional help to maintain their quality of life. When the time comes, it is best to … Continue reading

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Fundamentals to Practice for Healthy Aging

When we maintain a healthy lifestyle and practice good habits in all aspects of our lives, being in the best physical, emotional, and cognitive condition is possible even as we age. As a provider of trusted senior care in Fresno, California, we want to do our part in encouraging everyone to live and age healthily. … Continue reading

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The Best Environment for Your Loved Ones

For your loved one’s overall health and well-being, finding the best environment is very important. Having one that meets all of your loved one’s needs and keeps them safe is ideal. However, finding such a place can be harder than it looks. That is why we are here to help you out. At Attentive Senior … Continue reading

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Basic Guidelines in Providing Dementia Care

Health deterioration is one of the consequences brought by aging. It doesn’t only affect the physical functions of patients but their cognitive skills as well. This holds especially true for seniors who don’t exercise regularly. As we all know, not practicing specific skills can lead to total deterioration. When it comes to providing elderly care … Continue reading

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Low-Impact Exercises for Older Adults with Limited Mobility

Low-impact workouts are an excellent way for older adults to increase their heart rate and maintain an active lifestyle without putting too much strain on their bodies. Through low-impact exercises, they can improve balance, flexibility, and gait while minimizing the pressure placed on the joints. In addition to receiving non-medical care, these exercises can help … Continue reading

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A Convenient and Smart Option for Aging

As seniors live longer and enjoy better health, they have come to expect better care options and are much more discerning when it comes to their living arrangements. As opposed to being confined to a nursing home just because they need some assistance with the activities of daily living, many seniors are choosing to live … Continue reading

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